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Stateroom - Magnet Hook 1 1/4" in Diameter with 10 LBS Holding Power

Stateroom - Ceramic Magnet Hook 1 1/4" in Diameter with 10 LB Holding Power 6-Count

includes 6 magnetic hooks which can be used in home, offices, shools, warehouses or industries to get better organized.

Each magnet has a 10 lb rated holding force with a direct pull on a 1/2" thick steal plate. When the steel surface is thinner, the holding force will be smaller.

The magnets are also not applicable to some stainless, copper and aluminum material.


  • Strong magnet hooks measured as 1.25" in diameter
  • Rated 10 lbs of holding power with direct pull
  • Wonderful items for hanging items for parties and gatherings
  • Convenient hardware which can be used in industries, offices, schools and parties
  • Made with top quality magnets by ISO 9001 quality systems