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Luggage PVC Bag Tags Bright Colors - 2 Pack - (Choose Your Color)

  • **Easily Spot Your Tags From A Distance: These eye-catching, quality baggage tags (will stand out in the chaos. You can say goodbye forever to frustrating searches for your bags. 
  • **Personalize Your Luggage Tags: Easily write your desired information on the tags without the hassle of having to find replacement paper when you want to update them. Use a fine permanent marker pen to write your details: Bic permanent pens are proven to work best. Use nail polish remover or any other type of acetone to safely and quickly change your information.
  • **Great for all types of luggage: Great for spinners to suitcases, gym bags, briefcases, golf bags, baby strollers or musical instrument covers. Highwind baggage labels are the highest quality at the most affordable price.
  • **Strong Durable Baggage Tags: These tags are constructed from a durable PVC material designed to endure the harsh outdoor elements and any dangers of airport baggage handling. 




Tired of being unable to identify your luggage? 

Tired of low quality tags that tear easily or get lost when you're traveling?

Then Highwind PVC Luggage Tags is exactly what you've been looking for!

These tags come with high quality tough steel wires and the metal grommets in them ensure your tags won't be lost and won't sustain damage. You can easily fasten your tags to any luggage or baggage style with these locking steel wires.

The Highwind tags can easily be personalized. It is recommended that you use a fine permanent marker and allow them 15 minutes to dry. When you're ready to change your tag details, just use a permanent ink remover to erase the desired information and rewrite! No longer do you have to keep buying new tags or ripping up paper to update your old tags.

Don't wait any longer to purchase your Highwind PVC Luggage Tags!